Hi it’s me John Cosentino the person that made Paragon’s Paragon a one hour super-8mm sound/color movie. I am not a ghost I really exist and live in Michigan.  It is humbling to realize that there is interest in something that I did a long time ago.  Star Trek was and is an all-time favorite movie/television experience for me.

Paragons’ Paragon was originally to be a fun project and it was just that. However it grew and grew and grew to spark a lot of interest and opened other doors for me. I wrote articles for Cinemagic, and Starlog Cinemagic on film making. That led to making new friends which led to making an  actual motion picture with other working partners. The movie was called The Alien Factor.

I apologize once again for being a shape-shifter. Some say that I actually look just like the shape shifter actor  on the Next Generation Star Trek.  The blog that I have created is to try and make up for staying in the shadows. Hopefully it will show and tell things never before seen or read about in the magazine articles that I wrote.  I intend to keep it down to earth and friendly. Little by little whatever pops into my mind will be shared. Eventually movie clips of scenes that are not on the demo.

I currently make my living the same way that I did when filming Paragon, and  Alien Factor.  I am a carpet repair and installation expert and my company’s web name  is www.cosentinocarpet.com . Feel free to learn more about my skills and browse at least a couple of pages.  I will occasionally mention in my Paragon Blog how skills and materials in the carpet repair business were applied.  I hope it will inform, entertain, and keep you interested.

Thank you for your interest,

Your Star Trek friend forever,


14 Responses to “About Me John Cosentino”

  1. Russell Devlin Says:

    Hi John. I suppose the big FAQ is are you going to put Paragon online somewhere or make it available in some way? It certianly is one of the big pioneering fanfilms and it would be nice for we enthusiasts to see it

  2. Kevin Noble Says:

    Are there any plans to release this on the web? I know I’m currently waiting for “Yorktown” with George Takei to be released after remastering is done.

    1. JC Says:

      The answer is I do not know Paragons fate. It depends on what possibilities are presented over time. The blog following is still in its infancy. It seems to appeal to “old school” FILM, film makers. New school green screen digital and computer film making is what people are more used to.
      To do the re-master of the super-8mm is risky and expensive. Even if I use the newly re-mastered beta copy it still needs editing and sound work. The desires of the many have to justify the work and expense of the one, or something like that. It is a wait and see project. Feedback on posts is critical to determining Paragons fate.
      Your friend

    2. JC Says:

      Unlikely because it would require a lot of sound work. However there are other ways to make it available. It depends on the amount of blog traffic I get.

  3. Russell Devlin Says:

    I think it should come out, even if only as is. It’s an important fanfilm milestone and has a legendary reputation. I think it should appear at a noted & sympathetically minded con, then on You tube

    1. JC Says:

      Thank you for understanding Paragon and its limitations. It is not u-tube acceptable.

  4. Dave Eversole Says:

    I too hope you make it available to view on the internet.

  5. rich hoff Says:

    john i think that your film deserves to be preserved as its a milestone in fan made productions to think that this was done in the 70’s !!
    please release this !!

  6. JC Says:

    Im amazed at your accomplishment….how much did PARAGON’S PARAGON cost to make way back when?

    1. JC Says:

      According to my old Cinemagic article $ 1,888 which included sets, costumes, film/processing, light bulbs, make-up supplies, and food to feed the actors.

  7. JC Says:

    You should really release it in some form regardless of technical problems…the amount of love and work you guys put ito it deserves somea kind of exposure ans screw todays spoiled cgi loving kids…!

    1. JC Says:

      Thank you for appreciating it. So far people have been very kind.

  8. Scott Says:


    I wrote you before not sure you got my message. I remember many years back you would help me with trying to figure out how to make a movie in 16mm. I was going to use your CP16R to shoot the piece.

    I was the young kid who would hang out with you and the group of Star Trek fans in the late 80s.

    Its great to see you still working on your films.

  9. The Defenestrator Says:


    I found your blog after searching for info for your PP film. I am a huge fan of ST fan films, and am one of many who would love to see the finished project. I think it’s historical value as the first major ST fan film is considerable, even with its dated effects. Coincidentally, a friend of mine and I watched “The Alien Factor” about a month ago, from the “Sci Fi Invasion” collection. I saw the end coming. Great entertainment.

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