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Thank you to all the handful of faithful followers of the blog. There is probably less than ten of you out there and your offers of help are deeply appreciated.  Some truly amazing  offers!

The actual response to the “teaser” on U-tube and on the Paragon blog has been minimal in “number of hits”. Just not a lot of interest. That has been disappointing , but the film is 37 years old now (1975) and I guess that is to be expected.

If I had my drruthers I would make a 45minute edited version of the original Paragons Paragon and shot a 45 minute sequel with the original actors.

A script is already done. All the important players are still alive and well. It would be a unique movie and a fun convention film package. Actors years older struggling with age, and no make up needed.

In order to do that I would buy a new computer along with sound and video  editing programs and fix Paragon myself.

Would I take a chance on re-mastering the original from the super 8 mm film? I am not sure? However the odds are against it turning out ok and favor the money going down the drain on a conversion that fails.

Eliminating  the original actors voices in Paragons Paragon, dubbing in new voices, and new sound track is not an option. It just would not be the same  movie to me. I think 45 minutes of occasional hard to hear actors voices and a loss of humor scenes, and some of story line would be a better option than new voices. At least a good size chunk of the movie could be seen.


The blog is in a “holding pattern”. I am flying around in circles not sure about what I might do with it. At the very least it has supplied material for interested parties about Paragons Paragon.That was its main purpose.

IF YOU ARE A NEW PERSON TO THIS POST;  go the end and then go forward from there. You will see mostly Star Trek “Paragons Paragon” material  and how it evolved.

IF YOU ARE A REGULAR VIEWER; tell me what you might want to know about or see. Other than the 1hr.20min. Paragons Paragon movie.

OK,  SO WHAT MIGHT STILL BE IN THE WORKS?  I still want to make a 20 to 30 minute edited version available on the blog.  When will it happen? I haven’t got the slightest idea. Just keep checking in every  couple of months or so. I may have a third blooper already  converted, but am not sure about it.

NOT ENOUGH RESPONSE FOR THE VIDEO CLIP how to do it IDEA to pursue more of them. However any of my regular followers that want to have something posted, or articles that you want me to write about,  all you have to do is ask.

THE BEST THING FOR ME ABOUT THE BLOG has been meeting new friends and connecting with old ones. All of whom  I will make a point of meeting in person soon.

Your friend