If you want to go where others have successfully gone before;

then see Mr Long II s ‘ “INTERVIEWS”  section

in his smashortrash site.  Learn where the film making mine fields are.  Or when in a tactual negotiation  learn what to say to the Klingons and Romulans, and how to  live to tell others about it. Join Robert in his mission, which he explains in his blog. Read  about techniques that brought success to other hopeful film makers along with  occasional headaches . Try them out; the good ideas that is!  His site is filled with photo delights and honest talk about what to expect in a film making venture from acting to distribution.

The interviews are my favorite part.

However his site is humongous!  Giant!  Filled with all variety of good stuff.

(Reviews,  Trailers,  Photos, etc.)

You have to go there and see for yourself.

It’s time to sign off ,

Next article will probably be a how-to do- it about simple stop motion armature/build ups .