Sorry about the delay in adding new post articles.  So let this current post be a fun trip back in time. The scenes will give you a good idea of where and how  everything was filmed. You can see the cafeteria was right next to the  bridge and if you look close at other clips the basement becomes very apparent.

We fooled around a lot and tried to make the work schedule into as mush fun  as we could. Sellek and Kirk were the biggest hams. They constantly tried to top one another by being the person to get the last funny line in.

See the Cafeteria trick we pulled on two high school members of the cast.  Larry Cosentino and Micheal Sacks.

See grown adults make ridiculous faces.

And more silly faces Hey Ka Passa.

Lets not forget our Doctor

Or our bored Engineer (Jim Grey) blowing dragon smoke out the sides of his mouth.

And it never hurts to have a pretty girl in a short skirt now and again

 I found myself with extra film that I had to run through the camera so I put the camera on a tripod and did my share of silliness. This included a short version of the ” Soupy Shuffle”.  The shuffle is a sideways dance that was done by Detroits’ own Soupy Sales on his tv show that was for kids at lunch time. I , like many kids, would rush home from school ( a one mile walk or run in this case) to gobble down my lunch and watch as much of his half hour show as I could before running back to school. I hated eating in the school cafeteria. It was like a punishment to me when it rained and I had to stay at school for lunch. Times have changed for kids,  haven’t they.