“Come and join us and let the Paragon blog be a corridor to imagination”


If you have been following my Paragon blog then you may have noticed that little by little I have introduced material about other projects besides Paragon.  Once I got involved with doing the blog I actually started to really enjoy it and the people who write me about it.

I love sharing this space with other people. The projects are interesting and encouraging. Hopefully this not only will be a place for Paragon’s Paragon, but for others to meet and congregate an learn of each others projects.

“Inspiration begets inspiration”

Not only with the articles/videos be diverse but they will have the flavor of the old Cinemagic magazine that I used to write for many years ago.  Tip on how to do it, or how it was done. Funny stories that come from doing film/video/art/etc. I see this as an “any medium” place to be seen or to  share and learn. From beginners to advanced.

I do admit it is an experiment. Time will unfold the layers of this endeavor in whatever manner it sees fit.

Let the call go out. If you would like to be a part of this then let me know. My email address is

However you can also make a comment about this post and the idea on the Paragons Paragon blog.(below)

Paragons repairing is a slow moving project and therefore it gives me the perfect opportunity to share the blog and make it a meeting place for creative minded people. There will still be Paragon articles and that 18 minute video in the works, but there will be other interesting things in this blog.

One new article by a fan  is done and two others are in the works. Please do not feel that you can’t write (I’ll help if you need it). If you can’t take photos then ask someone to do it for you. Please do not feel that your projects are too amateur (let me decide). Life is full of risks.  Everyone has to start someplace.

I will be the first to have an article and video about some of my other projects . It is the thing I have been calling a “demo” video that I made years ago. In a future blog post article I will share some of my very first attempts at film making during grade school and high school years. They are pretty bad and disasters but I keep trying.