JUST FOR FUN this  is the ORGANIAN ORGANTIPUS under construction for one of the illusions. More about him in an upcoming post. Any creature made for a movie “must” have a name right?! This guy is “OTIS”, so named because he was born a city called “Otisville” in Michigan,  not to far from Flint, MI. My home state” Michigan” is the state that looks like a mitten up near Canada if you give a hoot.

HERE IS part of an update note FROM MY SOUND FIXER-UPPER  “STEVE” concerning Paragons Paragon.

“Hi John,
I wanted to let you know that I’m making some headway finally. I was having an issue finding a way to reduce the amount of inherent tape hiss that was in the original soundtrack. Basically, every time I tried to enhance the equalization of the dialog I was turning up the hiss.
After doing some web research I discovered that since I did a computer upgrade last January, I had a piece of software that I didn’t know I had. So I was able to diminish the hiss down below the level of being a problem.
Once I’ve “de-noised” and enhanced all of the dialog sections we should be able to render you out a suitable copy of your video.”
Thank you  Steve.
I consider myself lucky to have people interested enough to help out with making Paragon more presentable.
Your friend,
p.s. That goes for all you die-hard Paragon and Star Trek  fans that have come to visit my blog.