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The short video teaser (3.5min) that is almost ready for you  to look at will be taken from a 28 year old  vhs copy of a 28 year old beta copy from  38  old super- 8mm footage of the Paragon movie which IS now being transferred to a dvd, to a flash drive so I could drop it into the blog.

It has some glitches flashing across it from storage, and there is a problem with the sound. The quality of my movie can not compare to the digital camcorder video movies quality that you are used to seeing and hearing. The act of storing things over many years takes its toll.

However I am extremely proud of the result and hope these facts help you to sit back and enjoy rather that knit pick it to death. Just to find and prepare  the  footage that I am going to drop into the blog over the next few months has cost  me a few hundred hundred dollars. So far this exciting experience and making new friends  has outweighed the time and expense.


Also as I have previously mentioned my movie was strictly for fun with friends, and family. I made the movie because I liked Star Trek and I  still do! It was the perfect medium. It has bright colors, pretty girls, heroes, and characters with integrity and humor.  “We need more Star Trek values in our present world”.


If my computer can hold up, I intend to feed  Paragon to you in segments of  video material in the blog.  Small segments to medium sizes of about 9 minutes.  The teaser is very short. A demo reel of some of my works,  blooper reels, and a longer 18 minute highlight version of Paragon are almost ready to be dropped into blog articles over the next few months. Not all at once. I want you to respond and ask questions if you so desire.

If I can find the super-8 film, and the response to the   material on video that you see is good, I will consider finding a way to  save the actual movie. The film got misplaced during moving. I hope displaced is the correct word and not lost.

The sound needs a big fix through a studio. Is the movie in its entirety worth saving? I do not know yet.  It could have improved sound (better but not great since the master sound tapes are gone) and with a film transfer the “glitches” on the tape from storage would be gone and the visual would also become improved.  It would be a couple of generations closer to the original. That might do the trick!



1.If you find the occasional sync of the voices not being perfect to be too disturbing because the movie was filmed “wild”?

2.If you find the mixing of the tracks to be troublesome  because they are making it hard to hear the actors voices? .

3. If the  obvious inserting of effects and the visual film grain difference bothers you?

Then I won’t pursue getting the 80 minute version of the film footage redone. It is what it was!  I am sharing it with you and hope you appreciate the really neat things about it. Yes it is flawed, but it never was made to show to people on the  scale  it has attracted.  What has occurred  is amazing to me and I appreciate the nice comments and interest in it. In the long run it  is just another amateur fan film with a lot of “heart” and “love” put into it.


I intend to run a piece of footage and then for the next week or two or three on the blog talk about it. I would explain the effects or behind the scenes stories. There would also be new photos in the articles.  I  will invite questions about each video and will answer them in the blog between the time that I run another piece of footage. It depends on how much information I can supply on a topic at hand.


The first piece is a 4 minute teaser. The next video will be a demo  that I used to show people. It shows some of  my magazine articles , and the Paragon teaser again, and stuff I did for the movie Alien Factor.  Most of the demo videos material has been talked about  in previous blog articles.  I’ll expand on them as the video prompts.

I want this blog to be interactive and hopefully very friendly.  Like a living email blog that evolves on its own. I want it to be  a fun and interesting amateur blog, for those of you who are interested in Star Trek, or monsters,or make-up,or movie making, photography,music etc. There will be links to other talented peoples blogs or webs. You must give me feedback on the movie and the blog.

I am a private person and was just going to let Paragon  fade away,  but interest in it just kept popping up. I am humbled by the many kind comments from all you folks out there and hope I can please you with my blog efforts. I also am enjoying making new friends. Thank you.



HERE WE GO-COMING SOON hopefully next article?