If you’ve seen some of my articles (blogs)  their is great variety of things that I have done and they were all connected to the root spawning seed ” Paragons’ Paragon”.  Here it is many years after its conception and  it has been revived. It is like being transported back in time. So bear with me because to me it is all connected. Paragon was ten years in the “waiting” to be finished. And when it was done and shown once to an audience of about 100people I found other projects diverted me away from it until now. Also we had a carpet instal and carpet repair business , which was a two man operation myself and my dad. Feel free to browse at the above link or at  to learn how carpet install and repair skills were used to do things needed for Paragon and other film projects.

(This is our miniature transporter room)

The miniature was about one foot big. Aluminum foil was glued to the walls over string so the foil had a twisted look to it. The energizer tubes are cardboard cylinders from inside of toilet paper rolls. The people were matted into the twinkle away and disappear effect. That is Shamba who is our version of Uhura. Shamba is the name of an African city. That is how I chose all the unusual names except Sellek and the doctor.


One of my goals with my telling personal stories about Paragon and other related projects is to show that amazing things can come out of doing something  we enjoy doing.  For example: Maybe in the beginning we are sometimes not so good at what we like doing. Guess what I know an artist that works on major motion pictures doing matte paintings who wasn’t very good at art in his high school years.  I saw 5o not so good tries at art in the basement of his mom and dads house.  No one could have guessed by looking at his paintings that he had such hidden talent. But he kept at it. He went to a college art school and became an amazing artist. He did things for free or small amounts of money and built up a resume of art projects to show people. Eventually things clicked for him.

Mark and I  were going to work on a film project about a creature created from the polluted water in the Love Canal. I was going to construct it and he designed it. The project fell through. But doing things you like to do is never a waste of time. Check out the creature he drew in the photo below. I was going to build it for a project of my own but I never got enough financing for the project. But it was fun to try.

(Creature and art by Mark Sullivan for a non Star Trek project)


A persistent fellow in Flint area Michigan wrote me many letters until eventually I invited him over to see the bridge in person. We became friends and Mark was his best friend and that is how I got to meet Mark.  Networking through similar interests. We all inspired each other to do better and better.

This is our cavern. It is an 8 foot long by3 foot tall miniature. It sat on a ping pong table at my  Brother-in laws house. You can see it as a Lunar landscape in one of my earlier articles. We simply built the new set over the old one. I believe it is mostly paper machee. Although we painted it red we used red lights when we filmed it. Actually I took a 35mm slide and did special effects with the slide and added the people. I built my own Aerial Image Optical Printer. There is an article in Cimemagic on how to build one and how I used it in Paragon.

I promise to have many never before seen photos of Paragon stuff and if I can figure out how to load up film clips I would like to run a little bit each week.  It would be like watching a serial movie, little by little and there would still be photos and articles.