(Life is a network of a journey-one thing leads to another)


Paragons Paragon was the beginning of a wonderful journey for me lasting 20 years.  Then there was a lull for me,  and now Paragon  has attracted attention again. I’m a behind the scenes guy and until recently remained quietly unnoticed.  I am glad that I  am digging up the old photos and slides. The memories are good ones. They are “bright” and full of “good feelings’ .  Of course there  are people missing now both in family, and in friends made in those wonder full twenty years of Star Trek and many film related projects.


He is Mike McMasters. In the 1970 he built a full size Star Trek bridge that was set up at the conventions that were held in hotels. The stars took photos in it. It was quite impressive. However it contained a lot of cardboard and the fire marshals said it had to be sprayed with a fire retardant. The chemicals destroyed the cardboard areas of  his set. I regret that I never got to see it. He died as a young man. I am not familiar with the circumstances.

I am on the left. How about them thare Elvis sideburns. Sharp ahh!

The two people in the background are from Oakland University’s  Star Trek / Science Fiction Club. They asked me to give a slide show about Paragon and the making of it at one of their conventions. I did just that. We loaded up the helm and captains chair and I talked for an hour and showed slides many of which are on this blog. It was a big hit. People wanted to hear more but the room was needed for other scheduled events.

All these experiences were very scary in a way to me. I was a not in the lime light kinda guy. To give a speech in high school or college was the worst punishment  possible. I would sink down in my chair in school hoping somehow that the teacher would forget to call on me. But there I was in front of 150 people, some not five feet in front of me. Once I got going it turned out to be fun.

There was one miss-hap. This was in the 70’s and long hair on boys and men was pretty common , but a new phenomenon. People would raise their hands to ask questions as I showed the slides. The room was dark but not theater dark. A hand in the back went up and I without really paying attention said ” Yes, the girl in the back please”  A deep voice answered and I apologized for the wrong gender. I learned quickly to look before I speak at conventions.

If you look closely at the hand rails on my bridge behind him you might notice that they are kinda thin. For the movie at Mikes suggestion I used two by fours and they looked much more natural.

Whatever projects I was working on I always was still maintaining and doing my www.cosentinocarpet.com business. You are welcome to go to it and  browse around in it. You will have to write it in the address bar as this is not a link.


One of the adventures  that I enjoyed was when I joined a Star Trek club. It wasn’t your typical club.

The Star Trek club actually had an Attorney as its Captain, a Business woman as its First Officer, and me as its Chief Engineer. We had an artist in it and two Star Trek paperback novel writers . They could play the bagpipes and did so at one of our party’s that Jimmy Dohan came to. I am standing on the right of Diane and Gregory Broduer.

The club had the opportunity to chauffeur some of the stars, like Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov to and from the airport.  Sometimes the stars would agree to come to a private party at a club members home. What a great way to meet Walter Keonig and Jimmy Dohan.  Mr.Dohan was just like his chacter in Star Trek. George Taki was a runner and one early morning in downtown Detroit before the convention was underway I bumped into him and said hi. Detroit was much safer 20 years ago.

In the above photo I made myself up like a Klingon for a Star Trek club party. That year Mr. Jimmy Dohan was given a sword salute as the bagpipes were played. He was really nice to go along with the Star Trek stuff. He knew we appreciated both his acting and his character. I am not eight feet tall and touching the ceiling.  It is a very low ceiling.

I believe it was when Moontrap the motion picture was being filmed that Walter Keonig visited the club. I shot photos for a Moontrap article in  Starlog magazine for interviews that were done by Sue Uram who was also a club member and got to do the article. Moontrap was shot in Rochester, Michigan. The filming was done about ten miles from where I lived.

A second site that you might enjoy is www.carpetrepairnow.com  which is also about my carpet business and how I applied carpet skills to making movies and monsters.