Famous Monsters magazine gave me lots of ides on how to create wear wolfs, or aliens, or just about any kind of weird thing for a movie. It was always my dream to have something I made be on the cover of that magazine.  Actually it did come true later in life when I worked on The Alien Factor, and Galaxy Invader.

However as kids we needed to occupy our looking for something to do minds with things to do. So we thought, “Why not make a monster out of one of us?  We tied a rope on our gunie pig  and as he struggled to get away we would put on our show for passing cars.  We did this in the middle of the street so passers by would be sure to see the show. We knew how to get attention!

( No ” ham” here )

( these photos were taken by me and processed by me)

(Dennis Stein just couldn’t wait to be a star )

Not only was I into movie making but now I saved up my money and brought a Solar enlarger and chemicals and learned to process still camera film.  My uncle Andy helped me find a good used one. He had processed his own wedding movies and was experienced a taking  his own honeymoon movies with a 16 mm camera that he rented.


Inspired by Space Odesy 2000 I made a short called The Final Frontier.  Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it. The idea of it was a trip to the moon copied with models of the lunar lander. And then a trip through a warp onto a planet with a creature that chases the astronauts and they are never heard from again. I t was a super -8mm movie  that I shot with my new Canon 814.  This camera is the one I would use on Paragon.