This was to be a Twilight Zone type tongue in cheek movie. I started filming Menace From Mars  with my old Bell & Howell. However I  purchased anew  Bolex  camera but returned it and brought the Canon 814 ,which I later used for Paragons Paragon. I still  have the script and often consider making the movie for the heck of it.

( Photo processed by me and made into an 8 by 10 for hand coloring, which is not shown)

Yes this spaceship is a copy of the one in This Island Earth, which is another of my top ten favorite movies.  The model was made of balsa wood in done in sections.

( The old Bell & Howell camera filming the full size ship model)

( If you didn’t notice it in the above photos,  this was our bedroom and the space ship is now a miniature, and the slot in the black board by it was for a ray beam to come out of the ships bottom)

(This is the Bolex camera shooting a mars city scape)

(Me putting carpet latex into a plaster mold of an alien head that I made. The fireplace was used to dry the latex)

(The yellow board with the wheel had 3 flashing lights behind it as part of a truth detector machine in the movie)

(Me with clay alien head-My version of This Island Earth creature to make the above photos negative mold for the latex))

( My brother Bill  make up off x-Alien in Menace From Mars . The make up idea was from a Dick Smith make up book)

(Behind the curtain was my dark room for processing photos)

( The Alien in Menace From Mars)

NOTE: All the photos in this article were hand colored. I could not find all the colored ones. To learn more about how I made and still make a living go to my web page at CarpetRepair and browse around in it.