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If you’ve read my Cinemagic magazine articles on Paragon then you know where I got the name “Sellek” from. It was one of the original Star Trek possibilities for Spock before they decided on Spock. I don’t remember how we came up with the Klingon names?

The original Sellek ears that I made are the ones in the photos above. A cast was made of my brother-in-laws ears. He played the Sellek character. By the way in real life he is a real character, a real fun guy. A clay sculpture of Spock like ears was created, then a mold of it and finally thin rubber Sellek ears were poured and made. They were called “The ears that brought tears” because they were solid rubber and started to pinch his real ears after about half of an  hour. Klingons get angry when they are in pain and I gave in to making softer ear tips.  I re-did the full length ears into  foam latex ear tips and all was well in the Vulcan Universe and here on Earth.

Liquid latex carpet glue was used for the original Sellek ears.  It is a material that I was familiar with because I used it for doing patching to remove carpet stain accidents in my profession as a carpet repair specialist. The latex is pretty much only used as a seam sealer now a days.

(John Cosentino doing the Klilngon make-ups for Paragons Paragon)

(Sexy Klingon First Officer)

(Our Sellek,sorry about the reflection)

The filming schedule was brutal. We had one of the worst winters ever in Michigan. Most of the filming was done in December, and January. I installed carpet with my dad in the daytime, filmed specific scenes in the evening, and at night on into the wee hours I prepared the next evenings shots and sets set-up. We still managed to have a lot of fun. Someone would always come up with a practical joke to ease the tension of a tight schedule. Most of us had jobs and work the next day and the fun of making a movie, at times wasn’t much fun. But what a great memory!